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May 03, 2016 01:53 PM PDT
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GOD SAVE FU-MANCHU, MORIARTY AND DRACULA Hurry hurry can’t stop! Busy busy London! No time for blurb – places to be, people to see GET OUT OF MY WAY! It’s a classic reunion old skool spectacular as those seasoned old pros Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die get it together for a no-guesticode of SILENCE! The comics magazine lifestyle show! Sponsorshadmin (is what the kids are calling it)! Choo got it! There’s some Dunce Tank talk, a prompt for you all to get on the case with the brilliant Sound of Drowning Kickstarter, oh and The Beast Must Die Talks About Cerebus Again… Why it’s only SILENCE…Because The Film Has Started and it’s a Captain America 3: Civil War special. Git some! Come on! Come on, come quickly, quickly the Reviewniverse is open for business…and they’re talking about Snyder & Capullo’s Batman, there’s a long chat about the best pastry comic artists, 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank, The Ultimates, Hellcat! and a bunch more. But mainly a lot about pastry. And that, in all honesty is your lot. If you wan’t more make your own podcast! @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindlessYou can support us using Patreonif you like. This edition of SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the greatest comics shop on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton. It’s also sponsored the greatest comics shop on the planet GOSH! Comics of London.
April 28, 2016 03:12 AM PDT
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WRAP MY TONGUE ROUND A BUMBLEBEE MOUTH …strange news from a distant star incoming… beaming live transmissions from the satellite heart… set..set the controls for… the blackstar … we are one nation, a nation of millions, one nation under a groove… it takes…millions… of nations… this is major… can you hear me… can you hear me…? What? Who? Why? HOW? It’s only a right rowdy ruddy great episode of SILENCE! But hark? Where is the Space God? While Gary Lactus scrubs his helmet and prepares for his one-man war on comedy, The Beast Must Die is joined by Lord Nuneaton Savage for a special edition of SILENCE! Expect ramblings from beyond the stars… Some sponsorship, including news on the great Comics & Book Exchange in Notting Hill. Savage also talks up his musical shanigans with the mighty meaty Teeth Of The Sea. The Beast Must Die Also Talks About Cerebus Again. Sound the harmoniums and set the synths to stun as we enter The Reviewniverse with a swing in our step and a jaunt in our hearts. But wait! What’s this? The RETROVIEWNIVERSE??? Hold tight as we explore the highways and byways of longform comics rambling… taking in a whole damn bunch of stuff including, but not limited to Madballs, Transformers Vs GI Joe, Miami Vice Remix, toyetic indies comics in general, Ben Marra, Gi joe, Battle Action Force, Film /Comic Adaptations, Tim Burton’s Batman, Peter Milligan, The Programme, The E, aters, Shade The Changing Man, The Extremist, Bix Barton: Master Of The Rum & Uncanny, mike Baron’s The Butcher, and believe me when I say a whole lot more…Oh and The Beast Must Die Also Talks About Cerebus Again. A special guest appearance from Dave & Emily and then it’s off, out and up. It’s an hour plus of stream of consciousness comics chat just the way you ordered it. So get stuck in. @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless You can support us using Patreon if you like. This edition of SILENCE! is proudly sponsored by the greatest comics shop on the planet, DAVE’S COMICS of Brighton. It’s also sponsored the greatest comics shop on the planet GOSH! Comics of London.
April 20, 2016 04:20 AM PDT
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SOMEBODY SAID TO ME, YOU KNOW THAT I COULD BE IN LOVE WITH ALMOST EVERYONE “What’s the podcast full of chat That’s made for you and me? It’s S-I-L-E-N-C-E! Hey there, Hi there, ho there you’re as welcome as can be It’s S-I-L-E-N-C-E! SIII-I-LENCE! SIII-I-LENCE! Forever hold our graphic novels high, high, high! SII-I-ILEN…” *ca-click* BLAM! Ahhhh. Silence. Why what’s this? Not just one, but TWO special guests on this special guesticode? For sheezy! None other than old skool classic Mindless One, Botswana Beast, but returning sparring partner Maid of Nails are here, joining ol’ Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die for this latest installment of 4-colour digressions and mega-ramblings. Sponsorship, maybe some cat stuff and of course the usual digressions. A Reviewniverse 4-way?? Yikes, this one’s gonna hurt! Tackled are Grant Morrison’s Wonder Woman: Earth One and it’s a nice deep dive that also takes on Sensation Comics, Beto Hernandez, BDSM, Feminism, Nameless, Doom Patrol, and more. Then we get into The Discipline, Silver Surfer, Gerber and Golden’s Mister Miracle, Judge Dredd, John Wagner, Pat Mills, 2000AD, Garth Ennis’ Enemy Ace, Punisher War Zone, Marvel Unlimited and more more more So pull up your trousers, get out of the flower beds and settle down for the warming aural-soothe of this latest, greatest edition of SILENCE!
April 12, 2016 02:34 PM PDT
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JANE SUCK DIED IN ’77, I THINK ABOUT HER ALL THE TIME I don’t know about you but I’ve had enough of it. Enough I tell you. I won’t stand for it a second more. NOT ONE SECOND. It’s an outrage. AN OUTRAGE. The imposition…the nerve of it. It’s too much. Far too much. Too far. A BRIDGE too far. It’s beyond the pail. I’m disgusted to have even been asked that. DISGUSTED! What was it we were talking about again? Oh that’s right…SILENCE! A brand new podcast slips into the world mewling and in need of the nourishment of your ears. The Beast Must Die & Gary Lactus are joined by Bobsy to both raise and lower the tone Tales of Karaoke, Sponsorship, a moment of Cerebus, and the usual high quality time-wasting? All here. The Reviewniverse beckons gentle stranger leading you on a merry tango into it’s sequential kaleidoscope… the boys discuss Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Panther, The Black Panthers, Providence, Prophet: Earth War, Black Widow, Fraction & Aja’s Hawkeye and Mark Millar’s new elevator pitch Empress. So stick that in your pipe and smoke it. @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless You can support us using Patreon if you like.
SILENCE! #182.5 Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice
April 01, 2016 08:14 AM PDT
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What? What’s all this?

Why it’s only The Beast Must Die and Mindless-affiliate Lord Nuneaton Savage discussing the recent film that some of you may have heard of. This was straight from the advance screening, and the boys retreated to the pub to try and recombobulate… It’s 40 mins of unbridled chat about Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. There are a few minor spoilers for those who care. Welcome…to SILENCE! EXTRA

As Lord Nuneaton himself put it

“We sound like victims of head trauma”

And who could ask for more than that?

Also, when you’re done listening, if you haven’t already get yer self over to The Quietus to read Savage’s official review of the film (in his human identity of Mat Colegate)

March 31, 2016 12:25 AM PDT
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MUSIC TO QUIET THE MAN MADE OF METAL AND BRICKS “I say” said Bunty, as she shone her torch at the corpse. Maggots writhed beneath the beam. “What a jolly disgusting mess!” “Yes,” I agreed “utterly rum!” “Nanny must have slipped and fallen down the cellar steps. Look at the strange angle of her head!” Bunty wrinkled her nose in disgust. ” I suppose this rather explains the smell coming through the floorboards”. “Rather!” I trilled. “And I suppose that this means we should call the police too?” Bunty shot me a crafty look. “Well…we could. Or we could see what Nanny tastes like?” It’s a new day, which means that it’s time for another cracking edition of the comics lifestyle magazine show SILENCE! with your hosts The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus, puffing and wheezing through the motions. But what motions! Admin, sponsorship and all that jazz. Bookplate editions and food on slates. We got it all. SILENCE!…Because the Film Has Started with a Batman V Superman: Gaze Upon the Face of Justice and Despair! special. The Beast Must Whore! He’s been putting it all about town. First an interview at the fabled comics critical establishment The Comics Journal. Then waving it in the direction of Kraken, the internet’s second best podcast. Finally The Reviewniverse is breached and the jaunty gents chat at length about Daniel Clowes’ Patience, Ted McKeever’s Pencil Head amd 2000AD. Gary Lactus vs The Scorpions
March 21, 2016 02:49 PM PDT
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AN EVENING OF FUN IN THE METROPOLIS OF YOUR DREAM Ninjas, ninjas, who wants ninjas? I got ninjas mate, ninjas coming out the wazzoo. Ninjas here, ninjas there, farkin’ ninjas everywhere mate. Sick o’ bleedin’ ninjas I am, tryin’ to offload the LOT of ‘em…tell ya what mate, you take this lot off my ‘ands and I’ll chuck in this lovely watch. Solid adamantium that is mate, worth a flippin’ bomb. Tough as you like that is… GETCHER NINJAS ‘ERE! Welcome Dear Listeners, to the internet’s most cherished comics podcast, SILENCE! with that couple of nation’s sweethearts The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus. It’s some record level admin, with sponsorship, Arrested Development as Watchmen, Daredevil Season 2, The Phantasmacats and the Galacticats, The SILENCE! News covering Civil War 2, Donald Trump and the Mark Millar-isation of modern culture, The Edinburgh Festival, Misery, SILENCE!…Because the Film Has Started with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and unbelievably a whole lot more…while somehow there being so much less… Finally the Reviewniverse coughs, splutters and belches into life, with Spiderwoman, Huck, The Vision and Turn Coat. One Vision…that’s all I can say really. @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless You can support us using Patreon if you like.
March 15, 2016 02:42 PM PDT
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Hello? Yes, speaking. Why thank you, I quite agree. And you rang just to tell me that? Uhuh, go on… Right… Okay… Okay, can I just stop you there. There’s no way I’d sell them. They might be absolute dolts but I love them. No! The Galcticats are not for sale, GOOD DAY!

Damp mishaps, cheek and sponsorship occupy the admin section of the edition of SILENCE! Once in the Reviewniverse we cover Monstress, Head Lopper, Doctor Strange, Hellcat!, The Infinity Entity, Ian Finity, Jim Starlian, Alian Davis and Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Once we’re out there’s a bit of talk about Cerebus and the enduring cultural tyranny of Queen.


March 07, 2016 02:20 PM PST
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IT’S A MUST THAT I TAKE THE STREETS BACK SO FAST, EVERYBODY THINKIN’ IT’S NOT GONNA LAST… Okay big picture people, big picture only. Blue sky thinking, big picture stuff. Blue sky, big picture, out of the box stuff people. Big, blue, out-of-the-box thinking. Big picture, blue sky thinking, right out of the box, take the ball and run with it stuff people. Big runny blue balls, right out of the box. OK people? OK? It’s the comics podcast that man, feels like a woman! It’s SILENCE! you lucky, lucky pea-pods. Not just any episode, but one of our fabled Guesticodes featuring none other than Kelly Kanayama aka Maid of Nails. Scholar, Rob Liefeld character, and Frank MIller gang member? Whatever, she’s here and she’s raising the bar. Limboing smoothly under it are old hams Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die. Sponsorship as usual, but with some red hot Dundee recommendations! Also The Beast has some life admin to share, and is ready to introduce…the Phantasmacats! Also, Team Poppet and the Final Solution?? Oh and Dicks. Don’t forget the Dicks. Let’s go go go into The Reviewniverse, and it’s a humdinger. We talk The Discipline, Shade The Changing Man, The Extremist, Grant Morrison, Peter Milligan and bondage, Ted McKeever’s Pencil Head, Cerebus The Aardvark, problematic creators, Jiro Kawata’s Bat-Manga, Black Widow, Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and a slab more. Gary has to duck out early so The Beast and Maid of Nails sing it out in style… GERTCHA! silencepodcast@gmail.com @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless You can support us using Patreon if you like.
March 01, 2016 04:01 PM PST
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YOUR CIGARETTE STILL BURNS, YOUR MESSED UP WORLD WILL THRILL ME Who loves you, and who do you love? SILENCE! that’s who. SILENCE! loves you like a pig loves lemonade. What do you mean pigs don’t love lemonade? What the eff do you even know about pigs anyway? I tell you, if you go to a shop and ask it to pick out a can of fizzy pop, it won’t pick out Cola, it won’t pick out Ginger Beer and it sure as sh*t won’t pick out got-tamned Cherryade! Whuddya even know ’bout pigs…come round here tellin’ ME about pigs willya?? So, like a pig loves lemonade, SILENCE! loves you. And what more could you want from a comics podcast hmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Who’s that I hear outside, scratching to get in? Why it’s only special guest presenter Clark Burscough, aka Clark T-Bubz! He joins The Beast Must Die and Gary Lactus in their latest traipse around the 4-colour wastelands. And what a touch of class he brings! Sponsorship, RAW, the Truth Behind Thought Bubble and Gary’s Vegan Adventure? It’s all here true believers! A Reviewniverse three-way? You betcha! The boyzzz talk up Ben Marra’s Blades & Lazers, Tango & Cash, All New X-Men, DKIII: The Master Race, Star Wars: Chewbacca, Star Wars: Lando, Batman: Mitefall, New Avengers, Venture Bros, Batman: Brave & The Bold, Degrassi Junior High, Saved By The Bell and Ian Beale: Martian Manhunter…oh man, even I want to listen to it now and I’m just …. DISEMBODIED NARRATORBOT X-1575! HA HA HA HA AND YOU THOUGHT I WAS DEAD!!! Ta ta! silencepodcast@gmail.com @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless You can support us using Patreon if you like.

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