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January 03, 2017 01:40 PM PST
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JUST GIVE ME SOME SECURITY, I’M A PARANOID SCHIZO PRODUCT OF THE 20th CENTURY Well gawsh shucks and golly gee willickers! It’s the first new SILENCE! of 2017! Time to shake off the cobwebs, blow open the windows and let the singing bluebirds of the new year come twit-twitting right into your flaming gob holes. Got a resolution? Break it! The only resolution you need is to listen to SILENCE! and no other podcast. Oh, and be excellent to each other. Join those lounge lizards Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die as they shed their old 2016 skins and reveal their shiny new 2017 bods, ready to rock the new year and shake the comics firmament. Bit of post-festive admin including some spooky TV recommendations, Cat News and of course the boundless joys of unfettered sponsorship! There’s a micro-edition of SILENCE! (Because the Film Has Started) as The Beast reviews Captain America: Civil War Carrie Fisher RIP New year, new Reviewniverse, and we ring in both the old and new, with discussions of Motro, Alan Moore’s Star Wars stories, Snyder and Lemire’s AD, Steve MacManus’ Mighty One: My Time In the Nerve Centre, She Hulk, Civil War II, Detective Comics, Rick Veitch’s Swamp Thing, Keith Giffen on Spectacular Spider-Man and Hex and more, oh so much more. So let’s go! Now! GO! NOW GO!! @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.
December 20, 2016 11:31 AM PST
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PA RUM PUM PUM PUM It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas. The goose is on the ground, the snow is getting fat. Welcome to the none-more-festive edition of SILENCE! This is it folks, the culmination of 100′s of hours of work – choreographers, lighting, a full orchestra, special guest stars, yule logs burning on open fires, christmas fucking jumpers…absolutely NONE of this will appear on this SILENCE! Christmas Special!! What you will get is Gary Lactus, too ill to podcast and lying on the sofa, beloved Bobsy representing in full effect and The Beast Must Die holding it all together like some hirsute Michael Parkinson. We can’t promise you eggnog, but we can promise a hot pocket full of comics chat to warm your jingle bells in this most wonderful time of the year. Strap in, strap on and prepare for docking! Blimey, look what happens when the sturdy hand of the Space God is off the tiller…shambolic admin on an unimaginable level, barely remembered Sponsorship, plus our lewdest opening banter ever. Blame that pottymouthed club comedian Bobsy! In a spurious nod towards our festive theme, there’s some chat about festive movies including Krampus and Scrooged. Plus the mysteries of Karen Black, Karen Allen and Margot Kidder SILENCE! (Because The Film Has Started) features chat of little known B-movies Star Wars: Rogue One Lo! The Reviewniverse. There’s some hefty chat about the penultimate episode of Alan Moore’s late-stage masterpiece Providence. Then the Young Animal books Doom Patrol and Shade The Changing Girl are discussed at some length. Bobsy rounds up his Thought Bubble 2016 top picks and there’s a bit of chat about Rick Veitch. Christmassy as all heck right!? Lazarus-like, Gary returns with a festive kiss off, and some Christmas cheer is finally raised. Now go forth and unwrap! @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.
December 05, 2016 03:54 PM PST
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I KNOW IT MIGHT SOUND STRANGE BUT I BELIEVE IN THE COMING BACK BEFORE TOO LONG In this latest pulse-shredding, nerve-shredding, skin-shredding, heart-shredding, mind-shredding, soul-shredding, bed-shredding, wedding-shredding, shred-shredding episode of SILENCE! you will two, count them two grown men discussing comics. On the internet. I know. Can you believe it? Into the brave new world we go, with pioneering hosts Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die guiding the way. Listen! That’s the sound of admin in it’s natural habitat. And look! There goes a herd of Sponsorship pass by us. MR James adaptations, mince pies, and decorating the tree? It’s beginning to smell a lot like Christmas…Oh and plenty of cat-chat just the way you like it. There’s a whole lot of wheel-spinning and flim-flam as Gary Lactus talks about some modern comics such as the Batman Annual, Deadly Class and Great Lake Avengers while TBMD tries to derail at every turn. But it’s okay, as he’s here to talk about Batman: Son of the Demon and Devlin Waugh: Chasing Herod. That’s the Reviewniverse for you. Always different, always the same. Bit of chat about DC: Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash and the death-pall of Dawson’s Creek. Then it’s out like trout (that’s a thing kids say, right?) after some shameless hucksterism and a bit of the old toodle pip. @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.
December 01, 2016 03:20 AM PST
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Welcome to the SILENCE! solo dining experience. For starters we have a delicious shame of kale served in a jam jar and balanced on a faucet. You'll hate it. Fir main we have a full miniaturized roast served on a teflon sphere. For desert, well no one's ever stayed that long to be honest. We've stopped bothering with desert.

Tuck in to a succulent new SILENCE! Well, it's not that succulent. The Beast Must Die isn't around so Gary Lactus and the Galacticats handle this one on their own. There's some admin where we find out at last what the opposite of a crow is and some news of a Dan White original art sale! Among the sponsershippery there's talk of buying Fraser Geesin comics too.

Then it's off to the reviewniverse where Gary and the Galacticats talk up A.D. After Death, All-New X-Men Annual, The Ultimates 2, Gennedy Tartakovsky's CAGE!, Sixpack and Dogwelder, Angry Youth Comix and passing mentions of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur and Civil War 2. Let's be honest, Gary does most of the talking, the Galacticats aren't that committed to podcasting.

A real life mountain tale concludes the pod and then you're free again.

You can support us using Patreon if you like.

November 22, 2016 02:01 PM PST
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MY CAR IS UGLY BUT THEN, I’M UGLY TOO (Above image taken from Tillie Walden’s wonderful On A Sunbeam – go read!) Welcome gentle listenoids to the latest greatest, tightest, freshest, sprucest, fittest, cutest, sweetest, sickest, foulest, slickest, toughest, ice-road truckest edition of SILENCE! the comics lifestyle magazine show challenge. With your hosts the Burke & Hare of the podcasting world, Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die. Look, I know that was below par, but sometimes…sometimes I wonder if there isn’t more to life than writing podcast blurbs y’know? For so many years I thought I’d found my true vocation, my life’s work but now…well. Now I wonder – what else is out there? What am I missing? What could I have been? Bit of the old ‘how’s yer admin’? Don’t mind if I do sir! I’ll have a dash of Sponsorship with it if I might be so bold? And maybe a sprinkle of self-promotion to sweeten the deal. The boys unveil their new raft of spin-off podcasts. The SILENCE! empire starts here. Reviewniverse, Reviewniverse we all want to know howdoyouverse? Treats yielded include Mégalex form Alejandro Jodorowsky, Moebius’ World of Edena and District 14. I know what you’re thinking – “LA-DI-DA Mr fancypants, where are my Spiderman comics? Not here, as TBMD admits his #gaimanshame and talks about Books of Magic, Summer Magic and U2. Then it’s Patsy Walker Hellcat, Rachel Pollack’s Doom Patrol, and the Vertigo Visions one-shots Dr Occult and The Phantom Stranger. Top culinary tips in SILENCE! Because my Mouth is Full of Delicious Food Then it’s a saucy bumsqueeze for all and then home for a bath and bed. @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.
November 16, 2016 12:06 AM PST
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IT IS TIME… IT IS TIME… IT IS TIME FOR STORMY WEATHER Look over here! Over here! Don’t look that way, look here! Over here! Look I’m waving my arms around! WOO-HOO! OVER HEEEEEEERE, OVER HE… Damn. You looked. You saw it. Well don’t say I didn’t try and warn you.Well lookee here it’s a bright shiiiny new SILENCE! crawling from the wreckage. And those rubbery old puppets Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die are joined by Clarky T-Bubz, thw surprising new character find of 2016! All here to give you a hot comics injection right up the wazzoo. Things get off to a cracking start with a post-Thought Bubble 2016 de-brief, from the inside out. Panels, parties and somnabulistic botty-rumbles? All here true believers. Some comics chat in the downhome comforts of The Reviewniverse, with exclusive talk of Motor Crush, discussion of Violent Love, Comic Book Babylon, From Under Mountains, Habitat, 8 House, Stathis’ Picnoleptic Intertia, Ulises Farinas’ Motro and Hitsville UK. And all with a smile on their lips and a flick of the heels. Bit of the ol’ SILENCE! (Because My Mouth Is Full of Delicious Food), some Lady Lactus and the Galacticats, and more more more. And you go out BANG! Like a candle. @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.
SILENCE! To Astonish at Thought Bubble 2016
November 09, 2016 09:10 AM PST
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On the 5th of November 2016 at 11.50AM at the Thought Bubble comics festival in Leeds, something happened that would change the course of human civilization forever. An event that would give the free citizens of Earth to fight against the coming oppressors. This event was, of course, SILENCE! To Astonish!

The aptly named Cinema Of War played host to this titanic team-up between Gary Lactus, The Beast Must Die and Al Kennedy from House To Astonish. They were extremely lucky enough to enjoy the company of John Allison, Ryan North, Emi Lenox. Bless them all, they really had to put up with some nonsense!

November 02, 2016 09:24 AM PDT
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I DANCED MYSELF RIGHT OUT THE WOMB, IS IT STRANGE TO DANCE SO SOON? Morning has broken, like the first podcast… Yowza dear listeners, you’re staring down the barrel of the earliest-recorded SILENCE! yet. Will Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, or bleary-eyed and bushy-bearded? YOU DECIDE. Imagine a bowl of crunchy, nutritious comics flakes, sodden with the milk of human opinion, and that’s this week’s show. There’s a whole heap of admin for the upcoming Thought Bubble festival, including SILENCE! TO ASTONISH live, and the Sound & Vision panel. Jinkies! Add in a bit of hasty sponsorship and you got yourself some prime admin. Through the dreamsqueezers threshold and into The Reviewniverse. Only two men singing this time – it’ll never be the same again… it’s brief but nutritious with talk of Johnny Ryan’s Angry Youth Comix, Stray Bullets, Brendan McCarthy’s Dr Fate, Shade The Changing Man and maybe a bit more. Or a mit bore? The Beast recounts his visit to see John Carpenter live. NO MORE ITEMS. See you at the festival! @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.
SILENCE # Farewell To Steve Dillon
October 24, 2016 11:02 AM PDT
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Gary Lactus and The Beast Must Die pay tribute to Steve Dillon

October 20, 2016 03:15 PM PDT
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That’s right puny humans, your favourite podcast has been on air for 200 years! And to celebrate those national pleasure treasures Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die invited a select group of 1200 of their closest fans to attend SILENCE! LIVE, in The Nexus Of All Realities. And then they recorded it for all you lucky, but less dedicated, dear listeners. Featuring able pod-lietentants Bobsy and Lord Nuneaton Savage, as well as an array of amazing guest voices. Comics! Talking! Drinking! It’s all here and it’s just as amateurish as you want. I can’t remember what we talked about, but basically we focused on Anniversary Issues…look stop yelling at me, I’m hungover! I need some cheese on toast. Just listen to the damn podcast and write your own blurb would you? Shut the curtains on the way out would you? @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.

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