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October 20, 2016 03:15 PM PDT
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That’s right puny humans, your favourite podcast has been on air for 200 years! And to celebrate those national pleasure treasures Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die invited a select group of 1200 of their closest fans to attend SILENCE! LIVE, in The Nexus Of All Realities. And then they recorded it for all you lucky, but less dedicated, dear listeners. Featuring able pod-lietentants Bobsy and Lord Nuneaton Savage, as well as an array of amazing guest voices. Comics! Talking! Drinking! It’s all here and it’s just as amateurish as you want. I can’t remember what we talked about, but basically we focused on Anniversary Issues…look stop yelling at me, I’m hungover! I need some cheese on toast. Just listen to the damn podcast and write your own blurb would you? Shut the curtains on the way out would you? @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.
SILENCE! # 199.99
October 11, 2016 01:30 PM PDT
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BUT FOIST TRUE BELIEVERS, YA GODDA GET TREW SOILENCE #199.99 AND LEMME TELL YA IT’S A DOOZY! PIN BACK YA EAR HOLES AN’ EYE FLAPS, COS THIS IS GONNA HURT!!!! … Ugh…*cough*…*hack*…out…get out vile spirit. Begone from this vessel with your crass huckesterism and vile self-promotion. That’s simply not how we *do* things on SILENCE! Excuse me while I use this mouthwash… After the hiatus…the OTHER hiatus! Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die are back from their Holiday Cruise and they want to talk to you! That’s right, we’re back and ready for a refreshing comics enema! Hot buttons! There’s talk of the forthcoming SILENCE! #200 LIVE SPECTACULAR, the London Graphic Novel Network’s S.M.A.S.H. event, sponsorship and Thought Bubble 2016. And why not, you impetuous scamps? Reviewniverse! Oh Reviewniverse how we missed your 4-colour charms. There’s talk of the new Young Animal imprint with Doom Patrol and Shade The Changing Girl. Then it’s the incredible City Strips Comics of Gotham, The Amazing City and The Incredible City. Then it’s Batman & The Monster Men, All Star Batman, Black Hammer, Martian Manhunter: American Secrets, Suicide Squad, , The Champions, Luke Cage and more, so very much more. Updates from The Galacticats and the Phantasmacats in Cat Chat Now shhh. We have to get our beauty sleep and prepare for our debut into society. 7 more sleeps till SILENCE! #200!! @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.
September 21, 2016 08:18 AM PDT


September 13, 2016 07:08 AM PDT
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THE ENGLISH MOTORWAY SYSTEM IS BEAUTIFUL AND STRANGE Can you help us? We went on holiday by mistake… That’s right Boils and Giggles, Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die have returned to brighten the corners and blow the dust from your ear-holes. How did you cope? What did you do? Where did you go to get uninformed, half-baked opinions about comics? WHY? HOW? WHO? Well don’t fret….SILENCE! is back and all is right again in the world* *apart from everything that’s wrong and the fact that we’ll be lucky if we make it out of the decade as a species Who wants some admin? Some sponsorship? Some waffle? Digressions? Begging? Apologies? All present and correct. Your mileage may vary. DIY horror and comedy gone bad Top secret news about SILENCE! #200…although by ‘secret’ I mean that we’re talking about it publicly on a podcast that anyone can listen to. Finally we breach…THE REVIEWNIVERSE?!!? Like a Kirby-collage it reveals it’s shimmering 4-colour splendorousness… Discussed: Stray Bullets, Batman, Blue Beetle, JLI, New Superman, Kill Or Be Killed, Falling Asleep Watching Films, Batgirl, the transience of pop culture, Sun Bakery, Sixpack & Dogwelder, Loeb & Sale’s Challengers Of The Unknown and more more more. Live DIY and paint on the recorder. Out-the-backdoormin and the promise of a rosy future. Didn’t you miss us? Couldn’t you just weep? @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.
SILENCE! # Suicide Squad film chat with Phil Jerrod
August 24, 2016 04:13 AM PDT
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This is a placeholder edition of SILENCE! where Gary Lactus and Phil Jerrod
talk about Suicide Squad. It was recorded in a windy park in Edinburgh at night. I think that's all you need to know. Normal service will resume soon.

August 11, 2016 09:46 AM PDT
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YOU JUST HAVEN’T EARNED IT YET BABY It’s that time people. A time of change. A time of peace. A time of war. A time of hope, of laughter, of tears. A time of tests. A time of trials. A time of twins. A time to live, a time to die. A time to kill. A time of hours, of minutes and seconds. A time to sleep. A time to wake. A time to eat. A time to fast. A time to slow. A time of potential. A time of possibility. A time of depair. A time of…TIME> WHAT TIME? Time for SILENCE! you worms. Gary Lactus & The Beast Must Die are not going to let time and space get in the way. Gary is broadcasting from the Edinburger festival up in sunny Scorchland while the Beast is broadcasting lieve, live from the Work Hive! All to bring you the most 5 star super fun and hot and zzzzzexy comics chat. Sponsorship? Why not, with a guest shout to DeadHead Comics and some self-promotionalistaion for Gary’s FREE one man show at Edinbruge: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/fraser-geesin-jack-of-all-polymaths The Reviewniverse you saps, so you better shape up. Talky talking about Kill Or Be Killed, Papergirls, Shade The Changing Man, Frank Miller’s Cheeseburger comics, Robocop Vs Terminator, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, Batman, Walking Dead, Andrew O’Neill and Comedy Posters. GET SUM. Hoo boy. I wouldn’t want to be here when your Mum gets home… @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.
July 28, 2016 03:52 AM PDT
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HIS NEBULOUS BODY SWAYED ABOVE, HIS TONGUE SWOLLEN WITH DEVIL’S LOVE Morning has broken, like the first SILENCE! It’s our earliest ever podcast, as Gary Lactus wipes the sleep from his eyes and the Beast Must Die pulls his beard out of the cornflakes… all to bring you the Last Comics Podcast On Earth! That’s dedication folks. Hell that’s deification. Goddamnit it’s defecation. Defamation! Declamation! Declaration! Decathlon! That’s right. The SILENCE! boys have done a decathlon just to bring you the latest hottt comixxx chatzzzz… BRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGG Whu…wha…where am I? OH man, was that blurb all a dream? Does that mean I still have to write the blurb? Jeepers Christmas that means I’ll be late…for SILENCE!!! Hoo boy. Who knows what this one’ll be like? Barely awake, fuelled on nowt but black coffee and love for the 4-Coloured periodicals, it’s a podcast Jim, but not as we know it. Adminisponsorship? You got it! Lady Lactus? Right here! Gary eating a bagel? You got that too! Disgusting. SILENCE! (Because The Film Has Started) tackles that little inconsequential Ghostbusters remake that absolutely no-one made a big deal about. Can you say Reviewniverse? Can you? Good boy! Comics discussed include Batman, Black Hammer, New Super-Man, Captain Kid, Ultimates, Hellblazer and some other stuff no doubt. All that, and the sound of barely stifled yawns? Who could ask for more? @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.
SILENCE! Prestige Format #1
July 22, 2016 09:01 AM PDT
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No Regular SILENCE! this week. We were all too stunned by the news that Rita Ora will be replacing Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model. Surely Rita can’t reach the preposterous heights of self importance that Tyra managed. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Instead we have the first SILENCE! Prestige Format, the special collector’s edition podcasts which was made available to C Unit Patreontologists back in January of this year. This is a nice chat between The Beast Must Die, Gary Lactus and Clark Burscough.

Named after the last son of Krypton, Clark is the assistant director of the Thought Bubble. We talk about many things including the broken reading experience,
The Amalgam Universe, his origins as a comics reader and Thought Bubble via the dad we all want, Invisibles, Grant Morrison, Marvel’s Doctor Who comics, 2000AD comics, comics comics, comics comics comics, the Thought Bubble party, his writing and Beef Ho Fun amongst many other things.

Do please enjoy.

July 11, 2016 03:16 PM PDT
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OH YOU HEADLESS CHICKEN, CAN THOSE POOR TEETH TAKE SO MUCH KICKING? Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, every other podcast disappears and stops downloading. I’m not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together recording a podcast. Are you an interior decorator? Because when I saw you, the entire room became beautiful and full of amazing pod-content. Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile and leave a comment in the comments. Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass. PODC-ASS-T THAT IS AMIRIGHT?? It’s the two! Back again! It seems like just a week since their dulcet tones were here speaking truthisms and dropping raw wisdom. But nonetheless here we are. It’s A Gray Cult. It’s A Stagy Curl. It’s Cry At A Slug. It’s Gary Lactus. It’s Atheists Be Muted. It’s Ambushed Tie Test. It’s Headsets Tub Time. It’s The Beast Must Die. It’s Ice Lens. It’s License. It’s SILENCE! There’s an extended admin/sponsorship session with recollections of Small Press Day 2016 at Dave’s Comics, Gosh Comics and Orbital Comics. Plus The Beast Must Die talks about Cerebus Again. Reviewniverse time for boils and goils. Talk turns to Tales of The Wedding Present, Batman, Dark Knight III, Jupiter’s Legacy, Justice League Rebirth, Paper Girls and more. So come on dive in…the water’s lovely. And full of comics. @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.
July 05, 2016 01:27 AM PDT
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RECORD COMPANY MAN, I WON’T BE COMING TO DINNER Imagine a blurb. A blurb like you’ve never seen. A golden, beautiful blurb that shines like the sun. A blurb that glistens like dew on morning grass. A blurb that sings like the strike of a tuning fork against an angel’s backside. Imagine a blurb like that. That blurb is here. Can you taste it? It’s the return of The Beast Must Die, joining Gary Lactus for another ker-lassic episode of SILENCE! But wait! What’s this? It’s also a Bobsy episode! A Bobs-isode! There’s some admin and a whole load of My Two Dads chat. Of course. And some self-promotion for the our sister and brother podcasts Diane and The Earth-Pig Diaries. And news of our various appearances at Small Press Day 2016 Three men in a Reviewniverse? It’s a king-size edition with more digressions than you can shake a fully painted graphic novel at. Transformers Vs GI Joe, 4 Kids Walk into a Bank, The Sweetness, Detective Comics, Providence, Beverley Hills Cop II, Bill Sienkiewicz, Midnight of the Soul, All New Avengers, Captain America, Captain Brexit, Sean Phillips, John Smith, Sexy Male Comics Creator Top Trumps, The Sound of Drowning and a whole lot more. And we are done. Move along people. @silencepod @frasergeesin @thebeastmustdie @bobsymindless silencepodcast@gmail.com You can support us using Patreon if you like.

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